Avvasi Announces Virtualized XperiumOS™ at MWC 2015

Avvasi XperiumOS™ Release 4.1 delivers virtualized real-time video analytics and traffic management, accelerating the path to video monetization.

Waterloo, ON, CN — February 26, 2015 – Avvasi, the world’s only provider of Quality of Experience (QoE) driven video analytics, traffic management and monetization, is pleased to announce the release of XperiumOS™ 4.1 at MWC 2015. XperiumOS 4.1 brings a key evolutionary step towards NFV and SDN-enabled networks for video analytics and traffic management, while advancing the features of the industry’s leading video analytics and traffic management solution.

The key features of the XperiumOS 4.1 software release are:

  • Virtualized deployments on COTS and cloud-based environments accelerating service provider visibility into video analytics
  • CDN Dashboards providing real-time insight into CDN performance across services and devices
  • TCP Acceleration delivering improved QoE for all customers on wireless networks
  • Audio streaming capabilities enhanced to support the popularity of leading music streaming services

As video consumption and penetration continue to rise, service providers require greater visibility into the customer experience, with increased accuracy and granularity. Video is central to the overall customer experience and leveraging the innovative technology and industry-leading accuracy of Xperium QoE gives service providers and Avvasi partners unprecedented insight and knowledge.

XperiumOS 4.1 is the first release of Avvasi’s award-winning software that supports full virtualization of the system including support for COTS and cloud-based deployments. This new flexibility reduces the need for service providers to purchase a legacy appliance-based platform, while enabling their networks with powerful real-time big data video analytics.

“Avvasi has enabled the virtualization of XperiumOS, delivering the market’s leading video analytics and traffic management capabilities in a format that allows service providers to select best-of-breed technology and avoid lock-in of single vendor legacy platforms,” said Mate Prgin, president and CEO of Avvasi. “Rapid deployment in an open virtualized ecosystem meets the service provider’s need for flexibility and service agility while minimizing deployment and operational costs.”

“Mobile networks are undergoing a great deal of transformation underpinned by Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization,” commented Patrick Lopez, Founder and CEO of {Core Analysis}, the leading analyst practice on cloud and mobile video. “As an ETSI member and chair of several NFV summits, I see virtualization of the mobile video delivery and analytics infrastructure as a necessary step towards profitable monetization of the traffic.”

XperiumOS is the underlying software that powers Avvasi’s Q-VUE and Q-SRV products. Q-VUE is the only measurement system that allows service providers to measure, improve and monetize the video experience by visualizing media traffic within their networks. This enables highly scalable, real-time measurement of video QoE to accurately reflect users’ perceived experience with video content. As the industry’s only product able to manage QoE in real time, Q-SRV is an innovative traffic management solution that puts QoE at the center of the decision-making process for the management and monetization of video traffic in service provider networks, reducing bad video experiences by 65 percent while increasing network virtual capacity by 25 percent.
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