Avvasi Launches “Xperium Video Minutes”

Users are frustrated and confused by video megabyte charging

Waterloo, On. – February 20, 2014 – Avvasi Inc., the world’s only vendor of QoE-driven video management and monetization solutions, today announced the launch of its “Xperium Video Minutes” solution.

Until now, video has been understood as just one of the data services, in the same manner as email, instant messaging and general browsing. But video, unlike voice, texting and browsing is unpredictable. As voice and data specialists, network operators learned long ago to predict how their network would react and how much capacity would be necessary based on the number of subscribers in a cell. By contrast though, video traffic can vary greatly, based on its quality, encoding and the destination device. From feature phones, to smartphones, tablets and TV, the same video can vary by a tenfold factor in size.

Current charging models for mobile video are nonexistent, in the sense that network operators charge for video in the same way as they charge for the rest of the data services – selling buckets of monthly traffic to users who don’t understand, let alone value, how watching a video will impact their bill.

According to recent Avvasi Inc. research, “in their overwhelming majority, consumers do not understand what a megabyte of video is and how much it costs.” As video is now the largest service in mobile networks, this is a problem that network operators need to address if they want to be able to create value in mobile video.

Sheryl Kingstone, Director at Yankee Group commented: “Confusion about the cost and the quality of video in mobile networks slows its growth and profitability. We see that while more than a third of average users are concerned about overall cost, more advanced users are also concerned about using their allotment of data. These same consumers show a strong interest in a variety of video content. In order for the industry to capitalize on the video opportunity, customers need a better option that reduces the friction for video consumption.

Mate Prgin, President and CEO of Avvasi added: “Xperium Video Minutes allow networks, for the first time, to measure and manage a video’s quality in real time and to charge for video traffic on a duration basis, rather than by volume (megabytes). This innovation has the double benefit of simplifying the usage, consumption and purchase of video services, while providing a new revenue stream for network operators.”

Avvasi’s Xperium Video Minutes can be seen at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, between February 24 and 27 at booth #7K50 and at meeting rooms #7019 and #7021. Please contact srudd@avvasi.com for an appointment.

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