Avvasi Joins Network Intelligence Alliance to Drive Innovation and Leadership for Next-generation Network Solutions


Participation in new industry organization will create opportunities to collaborate with other technology providers supporting the Network Economy and better serve customers with solutions based on Network Intelligence technology. 

Waterloo, ONTARIO – February 13, 2012  – Avvasi Inc., the award-winning leader in video traffic management and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile communication service providers (CSPs) today announced that it has become a member of the Network Intelligence Alliance (NI Alliance), a new industry organization created for collaboration among the Network Economy’s technology providers. Participation in the NI Alliance will help Avvasi to build and market innovative solutions for customers seeking to improve understanding of, and leverage the opportunities, created by the surge of internet-based, Over-the-Top video.

In today’s Network Economy—a world that now depends and runs on networks—accurate visibility and precise tracking of data crossing networks have become crucial to the availability, performance and security of applications and services. The growing complexity of IP transactions, the explosion of mobile applications, and the mainstream adoption of cloud computing surpass the capabilities of conventional tools to improve how networks operate, expand services and police illicit or criminal activity.  Just like Business Intelligence solutions emerged to unlock information hidden in the enterprise, Network Intelligence technology is an emerging category of technology to reveal the critical details of the data locked inside network traffic and transactions. 

The NI Alliance serves two purposes: first, as a forum for collaboration among technology providers whose solutions secure data in transit, ensure efficient data delivery, monetize data transactions or track real-time information.  Through the NI Alliance, members can better serve their customers.

The NI Alliance also seeks to educate the market and the public on the role and value of Network Intelligence in protecting sensitive information; delivering value-added services, applications and information; and ensuring better performance of network-dependent solutions.

Avvasi includes Network Intelligence within its analytics solutions for the real-time measurement of video quality and usage trends of OTT video traffic. Avvasi video analytics eclipse traditional deep packet inspection (DPI) based network analytics, offering highly detailed measurement capabilities that report subscriber usage demographics and video-based QoE. Avvasi’s proprietary and patent pending QoE indicators provide objective indicators that are highly correlated to the subjective quality experienced by the subscriber.

“We are excited to be part of the NI Alliance and work closely with the other members,” said Mate Prgin, president and CEO of Avvasi. “Collaborating with the other members will be mutually beneficial, and the ultimate winners will be our customers who’ll benefit from access to increased levels of expertise and technology.”

“Avvasi is a valuable addition to the NI Alliance and we welcome their participation,” said Erik Larsson, Chairman of the NI Alliance. “The NI Alliance is about collaborative innovation with companies like Avvasi who plays a leadership role in mobile video analytic solutions. Working with other NI Alliance members, Avvasi’s customers will be able to more effectively leverage Network Intelligence to better manage, protect and profit from their data networks.”

Establishment of the NI Alliance was initiated by Qosmos, whose Network Intelligence technology components provide the crucial first step in understanding what’s passing through networks. Qosmos’ hardware and software components extract and interpret real-time traffic—translating a data stream’s 1s and 0s into their respective communications protocols, metadata and content for use by third-party applications. 

Through the NI Alliance, Qosmos expands its collaborative approach to help vendors design and deliver advanced solutions with embedded Network Intelligence technology in less time and at lower cost.  The NI Alliance provides a channel for dialogue and partnerships that Alliance Members otherwise may not have considered or pursued when addressing the needs of joint customers. Visibility within the vendor community through the NI Alliance affords companies opportunities to market more comprehensive solutions with greater ROI and faster time to value for customers.