Avvasi and Tektronix TM Forum Catalyst

Avvasi showcases OTT Video QoE at TM Forum Management World, with Tektronix Communications and Orascom Telecom offers service providers an integrated multi-service, real-time customer satisfaction and OTT video QoE view

Ontario, Canada – May 24, 2011 – Avvasi, an award-winning company that helps service providers assure, improve and monetize video, is excited to announce the launch of its Catalyst Project in conjunction with Tektronix Communications, a leading provider of network diagnostics and service assurance solutions to service providers and equipment manufacturers. Sponsored by Orascom Telecom, this Catalyst Project, which will be showcased at the TM Forum Management World event in Dublin, is a significant collaboration that will enable service providers to receive unheralded intelligence analyzing their voice and video services, providing real-time customer satisfaction metrics and root-cause forensics.

Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming from sites such as YouTube™, Netflix® and Hulu™ accounts for over 50% of internet traffic. As this continues to increase, service providers have found themselves in a situation where they are promising Quality of Experience (QoE) at levels that they are struggling to accurately deliver or measure. With the Catalyst Project, Avvasi and Tektronix Communications have combined to offer an integrated business intelligence application that brings together service assurance with network-centric views for critical analysis, giving service providers the ability to deliver on their promises to subscribers. The application provides the necessary equipment and infrastructure to identify the root cause of lowered QoE in all services – video, voice and data – and plan solutions to overcome this deficit.

Service providers who deploy a comprehensive QoE monitoring solution that includes OTT video monitoring will find themselves in a position to offer customers an improved quality of service, particularly around mobile video playback, which will help them monetize their offering and drive customer loyalty. They will also recognize the potential for new video-based services and subscription plans.

“Mobile service providers have to monitor and analyze the service their subscribers receive, and deliver on the promise of greater QoE” says Mate Prgin, Avvasi President and CEO. “The Catalyst Project illustrates how service providers can have their complete offering professionally scrutinized so that they can learn where service improvements need to be made and develop their network infrastructure around it. This project is the first major step towards a much needed standard for measuring video QoE”.

Sameh Yamany, Senior Director, CTO Office, Tektronix Communications, comments: “Offering video services presents a new revenue opportunity for service providers, but they must be monitored as part of an integrated solution to ensure the new service doesn’t have a detrimental effect on existing voice and data services. Using separate services to monitor each activity leads to confusion as to how best to align the services offered, and ultimately revenue streams will suffer. Both Tektronix Communications and Avvasi can draw upon years of experience within their respective fields to provide a comprehensive, in-depth experience via this Catalyst Project”.

The Catalyst Project already has its first client. Project sponsor, Orascom Telecom, a leading international telecommunications company operating in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, recognizes the need for the integrated solution provided by Avvasi and Tektronix Communications. “While voice service is managed as a form of network data, the quality of voice service has never been measured as a factor of packet loss and latency. Knowing this, we have well-established tools to measure and rate voice quality,” said Hesham Kamel, Head of Mobile & Fixed Core Solutions, ORASCOM TELECOM. “Yet, when it comes to video traffic, many vendors measure quality as if it were another form of downloaded web content. Much like voice service, a standardized method for accurately measuring how the customer experiences video is needed. Such a system must be integrated into voice and data analytics systems, and provide an accurate and scalable business intelligence that can be deployed through our many properties around the globe”.

Visit stand 12 in Forumville at TM Forum Management World, May 23-26 in Dublin and join Avvasi and Tektronix Communications for a live demonstration and learn how this project is contributing to the eTom/SID framework to support a new, integrated standard by which all services, including video, will be measured.